Residents from Stowmarket have raised objections to a mobile phone mast, which will be built near to two schools, after plans were submitted this week.

The mast, which will be built on the car park at the back of the Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre, will also be at the back of the Wood Ley Primary School’s playing field, with Stowmarket High School not far away.

Residents are concerned that a child could potentially be exposed to ‘low levels of radiation’ for 13 years of their life while studying at the two schools.

According to the Stowmarket Mercury, many have raised their objections with town councillor Barry Humphreys ahead of a planning meeting at the Stowmarket Town Council offices on January 4.

A Facebook Group has also been set up for residents to join in protest of the mast, which has already garnered huge interest.

It is understood the mast will benefit users of the mobile phone networks O2 and Vodafone.