Hundreds of residents from the Chilton Hall estate have signed a petition to campaign against a mobile phone mast set to be built near two schools.

The petition, which is also being supported by a Facebook group with over 380 members, was launched in the hope of stopping the plans.
Many residents have voiced their concerns about the impact on the health of children who attend both schools in the area – Wood Ley Primary School, and Stowmarket High School, especially given that many people can receive an adequate 4G mobile data signal, making the mast redundant in purpose.
Shared Access, who have conducted a health and safety risk assessment, states that microwave radiation levels are within safe exposure limits.
However, many residents are still taking exception to the plans and have signed the petition, which has already amassed over 210 signatures.
Stowmarket Town Council is supportive of the residents’ concerns about the mast’s location, stating it to be “wholly unsuitable for a telecommunications mast.”
According to the Stowmarket Mercury, the council have also requested that the planning application be considered by the planning committee rather than being delegated to officers.